Independent Investigation of the Case

Without question, the police will have conducted a thorough investigation of any incident ultimately presented to the District Attorney or City Attorney’s office for prosecution.  These police investigations provide the Prosecutor with a basis for pursuing criminal charges against an individual.  

The Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour tries to level the playing field for their clients by employing the assistance of seasoned and experienced private investigators.  The role of a defense investigator is to conduct independent fact-finding when there exists a reasonable belief that the police may have gotten some facts wrong.  There are multiple advantages to a defense-initiated private investigation.  The most important role is to find potential flaws in the police investigation.  

The vast majority of police officers and law enforcement agents are ethical and caring public servants – But like individuals in any profession, mistakes do occur.  Unlike other professions, however, the collateral effects of mistakes by police officers are devastating to individuals charged with crimes.  

A Criminal Defense attorney’s private investigator can turn up key evidence and witnesses that would have been lost had no additional inquiry taken place.

A Close Relationship between the Client and the Attorney is a Key to Success

Being charged with a State or Federal crime is a terrifying experience.  Individuals charged with crimes experience fear and anxiety at every stage, from being placed in handcuffs to being put in the back of a police car, then ultimately ending up in jail.  The whole process tends to leave a person with the feeling that they have been violated.

For that reason, The Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour puts an immense focus on a close attorney-client relationship with every client, whether they are facing a speeding ticket or a life sentence in State or Federal Prison.  Attorneys Zakhour and Peed and with each client every step of the way.

Every client receives personal cell phone numbers and all messages are returned within the same day and often the same hour.  Attorney Sammer Zakhour understands how difficult facing a criminal charge can be. He fully embraces his professional role as protector of his clients’ rights and freedom. Attorney Zakhour is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  It is not a coincidence that the vast majority of the firm’s new business comes from client referrals.  The fact that the firm is able to thrive under this business model speaks to the integrity, zealousness, and skill of the attorneys, as well as to the exceptional results consistently achieved.


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