San Diego Assault and Battery Crimes

In California, Assault and Battery charges stem from various different circumstances.  Both Assault and Battery can be charged as a misdemeanor, felony, or “strike” felony.

Assault occurs when an individual acts in a manner that would probably result in harmful or offensive contact with another person and it differs from domestic violence.

Battery occurs when an individual actually accomplishes that harmful or offensive touching.

In addition to the charges of assault and battery, enhancements, such as “Great Bodily Injury” (GBI) may be alleged when the victim is seriously injured.

The most common defense to Assault and Battery is self-defense.  There are many other defenses to Assault and Battery charges depending on the facts of the case.  If you are charged with Assault of Battery, the attorneys at The Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour are experienced in defending cases of that nature.

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