San Diego Domestic Violence Crimes

Domestic Violence is a broad term used in California Law to describe any sort of violent crime that occurs between individuals involved in special types of relationships.  These relationships include husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, domestic partners, parent-child, and many other familial relationships.  Domestic violence crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies and differ from assault and battery crimes. Like other crimes of violence in California, Domestic Violence Crimes can be charged as misdemeanors, felonies, and even strike felonies. The prosecution of a domestic violence case frequently begins with the issuance of a Criminal Protective Order (CPO) at the outset of the case. A Criminal Protective Order is an order personally delivered upon the defendant in open court dictating the parameters of interaction between an individual accused of Domestic Violence and the alleged victim. No finding of guilt is necessary for the issuance of a CPO.

Domestic Violence convictions have many collateral consequences.  First, the person convicted must take a 52-week course.  Sometimes, depending on the circumstances of the crime, that 52-week course will have a substance abuse component, requiring treatment and drug/alcohol testing.  Additionally, the person convicted may be ordered to stay away from the victim permanently through the final issuance of a CPO.  It is important to note that an individual restrained by a CPO may not legally possess or own any firearms while it is in effect.

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