San Diego Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes in California take many forms. Specific charges can be minor in nature, such as the simple possession of a drug (a Misdemeanor). However, drug crimes such as transportation, sales and importation are felonies that can be prosecuted under both State and Federal law. Despite the passage of Proposition 47, which changed simple possession (possession for personal use) of any drug to a misdemeanor, transportation, sales and importation of controlled substances are still prosecuted extremely aggressively at both the State and Federal levels. If a Felony Drug offense is committed in conjunction with a violent offense, or if the accused is armed with a weapon, the potential penalties are increased drastically.

There are multiple defenses that a skilled Criminal Defense attorney can implement to fight any type of State of Federal drug charges. Some examples of defenses include ignorance of the presence of drugs and actual legal possession (such as the evolving jurisprudence involving Marijuana Law). The specific facts of each individual case are critical to the successful defense of any drug crime, and only a skilled, experienced Criminal Defense firm can discern which defense will create a reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors. No matter the seriousness of the drug offense charged, hiring a criminal defense attorney is always the first move. Even a misdemeanor drug conviction can disrupt a person’s life and ambitions, as it can preclude individuals from obtaining certain licenses or obtaining certain types of employment. The attorneys at The Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour treat every drug crime as seriously as the next because the collateral effects of any type of conviction can be devastating.

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    Mr. Zakhour is an amazing attorney and a true professional. He provides great results and solves issues quickly. Sam did and excellent job with my case and I absolutely recommend his legal services. Thank you so much Sam for everything you did.

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    Early this year I got a ticket.this was going to get my licence suspended. I called Mr. Sam he tell me not to worry. That he take care of it. A week later and some money's. The ticket was dismissed. He was the best.

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    Mr Sam Zakhour is an outstanding lawyer. He fixed the situation I was having with my property manager with one phone call. I've never had a lawyer who so motivated to help out his clients. He's knowledgeable, understanding, and a cool dude. I high recommend using Mr Zakhour if you are having a legal issue. He goes above and beyond.

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    There really isn't enough good things I can say about Sam Zakhour. He is extremely professional, easy to talk to, and treats every case as his number one priority. Mr. Zakhour has always been honest and straight forward with me which is something I greatly appreciate and allows me to feel comfortable and confident in every matter I entrust him with. I was very happy and grateful with the way he handled my case and he made sure I was taken care of. I could not have asked for anything else.

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