San Diego Probation and Parole Violation Crimes

Probation and Parole Violations occur when an individual previously convicted of a crime is accused of violating either the law or the terms of their supervision.  A violation of the law while on probation or parole is considered a substantive violation and can lead to Probation/Parole Revocation proceedings, a new Criminal case, or both.  A violation of the terms of one’s Probation/Parole that is not a new violation of the law (such as leaving the county without permission, failing to report to the supervising officer, etc.) is considered a technical violation, which can result in imprisonment in the county jail for up to 180 days.

While an individual is afforded due process rights in a Probation/Parole revocation proceeding, there are important differences between the revocation proceedings and criminal prosecutions.  First, the burden of proof for a prosecutorial agency in revocation proceeding in the “preponderance or evidence,” which is a legal term for “more likely than not” i.e. 51% vs. 49%.  San Diego Criminal Defense attorneys, such as the Attorneys at the Law Offices of Sammer A. Zakhour, will actively pursue any evidence that might tend to prove a probationer or parolee’s innocence of violation.  An experienced Criminal Defense attorney can make all of the difference in Probation and Parole Revocation Proceedings.

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    Sam really helped out my family with an issue that was beyond frustrating. Sam gave us 100% and went above and beyond to make sure that our issue was resolved. I highly recommend Sam for his hard work and professionalism. He is a great lawyer and I will not hesitate to use him again if need be.

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    There really isn't enough good things I can say about Sam Zakhour. He is extremely professional, easy to talk to, and treats every case as his number one priority. Mr. Zakhour has always been honest and straight forward with me which is something I greatly appreciate and allows me to feel comfortable and confident in every matter I entrust him with. I was very happy and grateful with the way he handled my case and he made sure I was taken care of. I could not have asked for anything else.

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