San Diego Sex Crimes

California has many different criminal charges for various sex crimes, which are mostly differentiated by the seriousness of the criminal conduct and also by the victim of the sexual crime.  Sex Crimes against minors are prosecuted aggressively in California because, like the victims in Domestic Violence, the minor victim in a Sex Crime is particularly vulnerable.  The Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour does not defend Child Pornography cases.  However, the attorneys at the firm realize that sometimes a sex crime(s) allegations can arise from false accusation, to gain leverage in some other pending litigation.  The defense of these cases is extremely complex and involve a great number of investigative hours by defense counsel.  Many of the individuals accused of these crimes have never been accused of a sex crime before and have no criminal history whatsoever.  These cases often must be defended aggressively because any sort of conviction against an adult victim or a child victim can result in mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.

When charged with a sex crime, plea bargaining is not an option for most people.  Cases involving Sex Crimes are more often than not “he said”- “she said” cases where it is up to the trier of fact – usually a jury – to determine the credibility of the witnesses.  Aggressive cross-examination is by far the best way to expose an untruth in our legal system.  If you’ve been charged with a Sex Crime, the attorneys at the Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour will never judge you by the situation you are in, and will defend you zealously, regardless of the nature of the accusations.  The firm’s attorneys are on your side and with you every step of the way, from the beginning of the case, until the very end.

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  • Excellence & professionalism

    Sam really helped out my family with an issue that was beyond frustrating. Sam gave us 100% and went above and beyond to make sure that our issue was resolved. I highly recommend Sam for his hard work and professionalism. He is a great lawyer and I will not hesitate to use him again if need be.

    – Gellerjt
  • Knocked it out of the park

    Early this year I got a ticket.this was going to get my licence suspended. I called Mr. Sam he tell me not to worry. That he take care of it. A week later and some money's. The ticket was dismissed. He was the best.

    – Spencer
  • Easy to speak with an knowledgeable

    I loved working with Mr. Zakhour. He was easy to communicate with and also had deep knowledge of every subject matter we discussed. I highly recommend working with him if you find yourself in the market for a reliable attorney.

    – Mike
  • An amazing attorney

    There really isn't enough good things I can say about Sam Zakhour. He is extremely professional, easy to talk to, and treats every case as his number one priority. Mr. Zakhour has always been honest and straight forward with me which is something I greatly appreciate and allows me to feel comfortable and confident in every matter I entrust him with. I was very happy and grateful with the way he handled my case and he made sure I was taken care of. I could not have asked for anything else.

    – Shawn