San Diego White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime is the term used to refer to various financial and public integrity crimes committed by individuals outside of the context of everyday society. In other words, white collar crimes never occur on the street corner or in the home. On the contrary, these crimes are usually committed in offices, on the internet, and in public offices. They almost always involve the misappropriation of money by individuals who are in fiduciary (or trusted) positions in society. Examples of white collar crime include a CEO of a large business defrauding the business’s investors, or an elected official using the power of their position to obtain unearned, or unpermitted, benefits or monetary gain.

White Collar Crimes are pursued vigorously by prosecutorial agencies and punished harshly by Courts, which have been known to hand down lengthy prison sentences to those convicted of these offenses. This is often due to the Court’s duty to deter the future similar conduct of others within the community. These cases nearly universally play out in the “Court of Public Opinion,” i.e. media outlets take great interest in the prosecution and investigation of these cases.
The Attorneys at the Law Office of Sammer A. Zakhour are highly experienced in the defense of White Collar Crimes. Unlike the vast majority of other crimes, an attorney defending a white collar offense must deal with media requests and ensure the fairness of the criminal legal proceedings which necessarily requires the attorney to identify, point out, and remove any prejudice from the courtroom.

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    Overall, Sammer was professional, caring, communicative, and extremely hard-working. The very first day I called Sammer about attaining a restraining order, I was waiting for police to arrive at my home. He left work immediately to meet up with me on location and get all the details of the case. Throughout the legal process, he was available, timely, made the entire process easy and clear, and gave safety advice above and beyond legal matters.

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    Sam walked me through my case step by step and kept me well informed keeping me at ease and getting me a better deal then expected. I would definitely refer Sam to friends or family.

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    Mr Sam Zakhour is an outstanding lawyer. He fixed the situation I was having with my property manager with one phone call. I've never had a lawyer who so motivated to help out his clients. He's knowledgeable, understanding, and a cool dude. I high recommend using Mr Zakhour if you are having a legal issue. He goes above and beyond.

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